If you all are anything like me you will know that getting dressed is something I love to do, but

the thought of waking up on a Monday morning or any other weekday apart from Friday to get

professionally dressed for work can be sometimes dreadful.

Most times people assume that work clothes should be less chic and more structured, but

considering your place of work your look can vary. Dressing your best at your 9-to-5 might not

be as important as wowing at your Monday morning presentation — but why not do both?

Today, we're sharing our fashion know-how and serving up 3 looks that’ll work wonders for

your on-the-job style. It’s time to promote your wardrobe, and remember you must always look

• Black-and-white contrast pieces are huge right now. From the new pant suit to the classic black and white this style forever remains a staple.

• Wear Colors: mint which is in the pastel family color palette, it is most definitely on our spring-summer trend radar. When playing with colors for work think soft and calm not bold and loud. Colors such as orange, green, brown,mint, and pastel colors can be incorporated in your look.

• The A- Line work Dress is conservative, professional and always in style. A-line business dresses come in both long and short sleeves, so this style is available any time of the year. For offices with a strict dress code, opt for solid colors like black, white, navy, beige and brown. Business casual wear opens the door for floral prints, stripes and even animal prints.

Our Newest Contributor 

The Diva Den is always on the look out for the HOTTEST fashionistas and we're happy to announce our new partnership with the owner and creator of the HOTT online boutique, Please help us welcome "Chi Chi of Nigeria" as the newest fashion contributor to the Diva Den!

Here's a quote from Chi Chi: 

"Big thank you to the team at DivaDenEnt, I am humbled and excited to be apart of the team as one of your Fashion & style contributors." 

At 23 years old Chinenye “chichi” Ezurike is a graduate from Eastern Illinois University majored in Hospitality management/Business Management and plans to Study abroad to pursue a Master degree in Fashion Economics. From coordinating Fashion Shows, to taking on the stage as a Pageant winner (Miss Nigeria USA 11), Chinenye is also the CEO of ZurikGirl, an online women’s clothing store.

We're excited to have Chi Chi on the team! Check out her first fashion post below! 

It is finally warming up and we are all in for this year’s Spring/Summer 2014 Trends. We have seen it on the runway and in street styles!! Crop-Tops are all the rage this summer.  From high end designers such as Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs to your everyday boutiques and Clothing stores, fashion lovers all over the world have made it well known that the trend of crop tops is here to stay this season!

We love this trend because you can Dress it up or Dress it down. It is very versatile and can be easy on your bank account. From casual tees with an athletic vibe to loose casual styles and elegant bustiers; there is something for everyone. 

Young, fashionable and chic, crop tops are not only for petite frames, women of all shapes and sizes can stylishly rock the trend. When wearing a crop top, it doesn’t always require the need to reveal the midriff; there are several other ways to wear it that makes appealing and fashionable for all. Check out the looks below.

Crop tops have proven to be one of our favorite trends this summer. Be sure to check back for more #ZurikeGirlTalk on the hottest trends, right here in the Diva Den!

Be sure to catch up with Chi Chi on social media! 

Twitter: ChiChi_Ezurike
IG: ChiChi__Ezurike
FB: Chi-Chi Ezurike

24th Birthday

24! That isn't a special's not the same as turning 21, 23, or 25. So for my 24th birthday I enjoyed friends at a hookah lounge and had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants; Chi Tung.
I wore:
Leatherette leggings
Long sleeve mock neck cropped top
Faux vest
I accessorized with a pair of stylish heel booties and gold accessories (my favorite when going out) .
Even though it's officially spring you can still wear this outfit or something similar on a cool Saturday night out!
Every girl should have a pair of leatherette leggings and a mock neck crop top in her closet.
Get yours today from stores like:
-Love Culture
(These store also have a plus size section-so every Young Woman can be stylish)

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Diva Den fashionista and stylist Krissy

Celebration Season

Prom! Graduation! Weddings! It's that season!
Why go for the traditional ball gown look? Instead, go for a short, fun, and flirty style. Here is an example of the 'New' Celebration Look.
I pieced together a one of a kind short sleeved bubble gum pink skater dress with gray/purple fur fringes. Wear this dress with diamonds! Not just any diamonds, but pink sapphire diamonds! Glittery pink Mary Janes heels and a studded black clutch & belt to add texture and color.
I guarantee you would turn heads in this look. Best Dressed! You Won!

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Diva Den fashionista and stylist Krissy

Viva Glam Rihanna Look

Rihanna makes sure she makes money honey! She has had her hand in everything from music to movies and earlier in 2013, she tried her hand with make up releasing the RiRi hearts MAC collection that sold out everywhere! Her collection did so well they made her the 2014 spokesperson for their Viva Glam collection. Past spokespersons for the line include Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Rupaul. Every cent earned from Viva Glam goes to help men women and children living with AIDS. With her Grammy win Sunday for Unapologetic I thought this was the perfect time to showcase her gorgeous lipstick with a look of my own. Enjoy!

I wanted to bring the most attention to my lips so I focused on a flawless foundation application. 

1. Make sure your face is clean and moisturized 
2. Fill in your eyebrows to your desired shape. Make sure you don't go too dark you want it to look as natural as possible. I use MAC brow pencil in spiked 
3. Line the top of your eyes with your favorite liner. I love Anastasia Brows waterproof eyeliner in noir. 
4. Apply mascara. (Told you easy peasy!)
5. Apply foundation over face make sure to blend for your life! It is very important to also match your tone and undertones. Ensuring your make up does not look cakey has to do with tone matching and blending. If it's hard to match your skin tone try MAC Matchmaster. It's formulated to match your shade after oxidizing. I use MAC studio fix fluid in NC50 or Matchmaster 8.0. I change foundations like I change panties. 
6. After you apply foundation, apply concealer under your eyes to cover bags. If you want to highlight use a concealer 1-2 shades lighter in a triangular shape under your eye. 
7. Set your face foundation with a loose powder. I use MAC mineralized skin finish in deep dark. Be sure not to go over your concealer with powder. 
8. Set your under eye concealer with a lighter powder. Ben Nye banana powder is the trend so I used it. It takes a little practice to use because sometimes it can leave you looking ashy and that's not cute. If it's too yellow for you go over it with a slightly darker powder. I use another mineralized skin finish in dark. 
9. Apply blush. I used blunt to tone down my chipmunk cheeks and raizin to add some color of course you guessed it both by MAC 
10.          Apply Viva Glam Rihanna to your lips and add a darker pencil to outline your lips. To avoid looking like a drag queen make sure you blend. You can do this with your fingers or by using a lip brush. 
11. Own it. 

Lauren LaShaye
Diva Den's MUA 

Transition Winter TO Spring

Am I late? Sorry you guys, I have been very busy with work and getting my line together.

I know it’s still winter, but somewhere the sun is shining and the weather is nice. So what do you do with your winter clothes and accessories...pack them away? No-not just yet!

Transition Winter TO Spring

Here are 5way for Winter to Spring

 1. Layering
        Layered clothing is a matter of dressing using multiple garments worn on top of each other. Some layers can be different color, fabrics and patterns. Layering can create a variety of outfits. For example wearing a denim button up underneath a crewneck and then wearing it open over a graphic tee. The options are endless. How you layer makes you and your outfit UNIQUE-which is what we all strive to be. Check out this picture of Instagram: @social_stylist_ and see how she layered.

  2. Scarves
    A scarf is versatile. There are many ways to wear a scarf and I’m talking more than around the neck-you can wear it around your head, as a belt, and even accent your purse with it. Scarves stick with you no matter what. They are one of my favorite ways to accessorize. Check out the different ways to style your scarf. Some of these ideas are classic and hopefully some will be added to your new favorite thing.

3. Boots
  What’s one type of shoe you can wear all year around? Yup, you got it a boot. Boots are easy and can be a great addition to summer looks. Boots are fun, sexy, fabulous, and shouldn’t be worn only in the winter. Check out the diagram I found on Google below. This is a perfect example of how you can wear boots all year around.

4. Color
                  “Might wear black for a year straight!” –Jay Z. Well not spring is peaking its way through try to minimize on the color black. By adding a pop of color to your wardrobe can make the outfit brighter and fresher. I love black so this is even hard for me to do. I suggest starting off with the accessories. Brighter colors will also 
make you feel good. Try Yellows and Reds; you’ll be sure to turn heads.

5. Hair & Make up
        Tired of the same hairstyle? As the season comes to an end try something new. Are you used to having dark hair? Dye it! Short and sassy will be the new trend for hairstyles. If you don’t want to cut your hair you can always get a wig or weave. Ladies there should be no excuses for looking flawless this season. 

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Diva Den fashionista and stylist Krissy

Make up faux pas

Ladies with all of the Instagram MUAs out there it can be easy to follow trends that aren't correct. Make up should always be timeless. To show you exactly what I mean, check out the video below by MAC artist Iris Beilin...

Lauren LaShaye
Diva Den's MUA 

      It's A New Year! 

Hello and Happy New Year Divas! 
I'm back with a new post in this epic Chicago weather. Ladies how many times have you wanted to try a new lipstick or put on blush one time for the one time and as soon as you put it on you take it right off? It's 2014 ladies and my motto is if you like it wear it! Stop tripping! Of course you're going to take some hits and misses when you first start out but how will you know what you don't like and what you do? If that red lip stick takes some getting used to wear it around the house for awhile until you get comfortable. Lord knows I've had to do it with Talk that Talk by Rihanna from her RiRi hearts MAC collection. When I wore it let me tell you I got so many compliments. Be fearless you owe it to yourself or just listen to BeyoncĂ©! She makes you think you can 
do anything! 

Lauren LaShaye
 Diva Den's MUA 

Mickey's & Mikes

I’m not much of a Disney or Mikes fan. I grew up loving Tweety Bird and everything girly. Yet, from time to time I like to style pieces out of my comfort zone. Lately I’ve been seeing themes “Mickey & Mikes” parties for kids and …adults (lol).  At these parties you see everyone in Disney themed clotting and wearing Mikes (i.e., Michael Jordan’s infamous styles of gym shoes).  His shoes have become very popular-if you don’t have a pair…get you SOME today!

  • Oh Mickey Cropped Sweatshirt-$18 {}
  • Basic White button up-$25
  • Grunge Plaid Skater Skirt-$15 {}
  • Air Jordan XI-Price vary on size $90-$400 {}
  • Bow Tie {handmade}
I combined the Mickey sweatshirt and Jordan’s XI with a #1 trending pattern: PLAID. You see plaids everyone. From top designers fashion shows to the lasted entertainment stars. There are various forms of plaids from colors to patterns. Here is a basic black and red scuba knit skater skirt. It’s fun, flirty, and girly. Adding a twist to a boys’ shoe and kids cartoon!

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Diva Den fashionista and stylist Krissy

Throwback Thursday Fashion

In October I had the pleasure of attending Western Illinois University homecoming weekend where Two Chainz & Katie Got Bandz Turnt the stage up!

I wore a mineral acid wash crop top with a pair of light envelope high waisted jeans. I got these jeans for under $20! I've gotten so many compliments on them I'm in the process of making a similar pair for a customer. 
Yes I sew too!

I thought these two paired great together because the pants were vintage and my shirt had vintage scripted. It was a play on vintage and modern fashion.

Accessories: gold jewelry X open toe kitten heels

Where can you get this?
Shirt & shoes:
Jewelry: & www.h&

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Diva Den fashionista and stylist Krissy

A White Winter

Black and White is ageless and timeless. These are the only two colors that look great against everyone’s skin and in any fabric. I’ve heard so many times “You can’t wear white after Labor Day” BS. You can wear white from spring to summer, autumn and even in the winter. Yes, I said winter. White in the winter time can be classy deepening on how you do it.

Here is a look I pieced together:
A black turtle neck crop top; the latest in women’s fashion.
-Miss Selfridge embellished snow fairy jacket; white heavy embellished from edge to edge.
-Dion Lee Zip-trimmed silk-georgette pencil skirt; white sheer silk and jersey.
- Alexander McQueen Monochrome leather ankle boot; 5.5 inches with a 1inch platform.
-Gargyle Elwood-White/Black; designed and hand made in NY a sporty look with gold hardware. 

Keep Warm! Chicago Winter is officially here! 

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Diva Den fashionista and stylist Krissy

It’s a great day to be in the Diva Den! Today I am giving you an unusual but much needed tip to help combat that dreaded oily face! Don’t give me the side eye when I tell you that Milk of Magnesia is a Holy Grail primer for the skin before putting on your foundation. Milk of Magnesia mattes your face with in seconds of applying it to the skin.

mac hd :Users:Shaye:Desktop:spacer.gif
To apply milk of magnesia just pour a little onto a make up sponge and apply it to your entire face making sure you cover your t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) well. Don’t be afraid of the white residue left over. Once you cover your face with foundation it will go away. Milk of Magnesia is only 3.99 at your local grocery store or pharmacy. Can we say beauty on a budget?

Stay beautiful babies
Lauren LaShaye
 Diva Den's MUA 

When going out it takes a long time for me to get ready...
I never know what to wear. Good thing this event was call "Fade II Black" because thats all I own anyway.
I serve to you 'Black Friday' on 'Black Friday'

Black back out gold chain button up paired with a black velvet letter circle skirt.
This outfit was under $25!
Want more details or a personal shopper leave comments below &/or email me ||

Diva Den fashionista and stylist Krissy

Loving the Light Blonde

Lately I have been hearing a lot of women sparking the idea of dying their hair and I for one am all for it! but there are many precautions you must take before "jumping the gun." To give your hair the attention it deserves proper care of colored hair entitles things like; weekly deep conditions, hot oil treatments, color protection shampoos and conditioner, trimming of the ends, etc. Failing to do so will result in “BOGUS SPLIT ENDS”. So…if you’re going to take that dive, be ready to swim! =-)

Let’s key in on Light brown/blonde hair color for a sec. Light brown/Blonde hair color defines any skin tone and brings out the highlights of your face. Kanye and Kim recently debuted his new video “Bound 2” and Kim showed off her new light blonde hair color. Kim’s new hair color has sparked lots of unnecessary controversy, nevertheless I must say the color does her well. Light brown/blonde hair color can also be worn with makeup of natural shades, and to add a little some organic sexiness, add MAC’s Mineralized Skin Finish, in Porcelain Pink to bring out your inner diva. Checkout how Ciara  slayed her “light hair, don’t care” and her “I have arrived natural make up finish”.

Diva Den Recaps Video- “Bound”

Diva Den Hair Specialist
Porsha Porshay

I love to shop! I mean what girl doesn't?
Today I went into Forever 21 & got a few things: a black CrewNeck sweater, gold Choker necklace, & black Opaque tights!
Get these 3 items for under $40!
Stay tuned to see how I'd rock them!

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Diva Den fashionista and stylist Krissy


Invented first in China then expanded across the world; chokers have made a huge statement in the fashion scene recently. Historically, it is associated with high fashion.

Unlike a simple pendant necklace-a choker isn't an everyday piece. It's one you wear when you want to make a statement...a bold one! Below are different varieties of chokers.

Here is Rihanna in a Cristian Lacroix gold choker. Get a similar look from LuLus at

                  |Did I mention I LOVE Chokers? Get yours today!|

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Diva Den fashionista and stylist Krissy

Seeing The Light... The BLACK Light
What up Divas and Divos your favorite Diva Den fashionista and stylist Krissy is back with more tips just for you!

We've all heard the saying "Everyone looks good in BLACK" and yes that is true. Here we take the |New BLACK| to another level. From day to night rock a BLACK leather dress with a few key accessory items to make the outfit one you won't ever forget!

Day: BLACK leather dress with BLACK beanie "Boss" hat, gold chain belt and studded ankle bootie.
Night: BLACK leather dress paired with a simple black stiletto, gold bangles and chocker (which has become my #1 accessory item) topped with a tweed and leather trimmed jacket for those chilly nights!

With both of these all day wear looks a smoky eye, red/burgundy lip and quilted black bag to add a texture element will give it everything it needs!

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Diva Den fashionista and stylist Krissy

Diva Den Make-up Tip: KICB-Keep. It. Clean. Boo


Hello Divas and Divos, It's Lauren LaShaye and  I’m back again with another make-up tip!


1) When getting your make up done please make sure that you are in a sanitary environment. I can not stress enough how important this is when choosing a make up artist or when doing some one else’s make up. It can be the difference between you waking up with a new pimple on your face or a case of herpes that can never be cute in anybody’s book. There are countless diseases and bacteria that can be transferred to your face from the artist’s hands and/or tools. You have to think about it, if you are a person who stores their make up in the bathroom, just flushing the toilet spreads all type of bacteria around and that bacteria goes on the brushes you use on your face and eyes. If that doesn’t gross you out enough, I don’t know what will honey.


2) When getting my make up done here are some things I look for the artist to have in their kit: -hand sanitizer -antibacterial brush cleaner -disposable tools (lip, eye, and mascara wands, cosmetic sponges, etc.) -alcohol -separate place for used tools Unless you have seen the artist themselves take the products out of the packaging or you bring your own, if you don’t at least see any of the basic items listed above, run. No seriously, run.

3) For the ladies and gents that do their own make up, make sure you deep clean your brushes at least once a week and spot clean after every use. Deep cleaning means that you actually wash your brushes just as you would wash your hair with shampoo or anti bacterial soap getting all the product build up out of your brush . To spot clean is to quickly sanitize and get make-up off of your brushes not getting the brush completely wet. There are tons of brush cleaners on the market from ELF which can be found at Target for 3 bucks all the way up to MAC cosmetics.


If you don’t want to buy you can also make your own brush cleaner using one part water, one part 91% Isporyl alcohol, olive oil, and dawn soap. The oil breaks down the make so it comes out the brushes easy. Remember even though it can be the most annoying thing to clean brushes, you have to make sure you are keeping yourself healthy. Personally, I would rather spend an hour cleaning brushes than a week or two with a breakout or worse. Don’t let the unnecessary occur!! Happy cleaning!!!!

MUA- Lauren LaShaye




Please help me welcome Diva Den fashionista and stylist Krissy! The young fashion designer will be stopping by the Diva Den to give the Divas all the fashion teas... Check out Krissy's first fashion tip below:

{Sexuality Vs Fashion}

It's been argued that more and more women have been dressing "manly" (having or denoting those good qualities traditionally associated with men, such as courage and strength). Skkkkurt....!! So women can't be strong? Only Women can pull off any look whether its something feminine and sweet or edgy and sexy. We are courageous.

The boundaries of fashion have went from bold black lines to fluorescent patterns, colors, and materials for both men and women.

Fashion has trend-setted itself into more frantic looks that extenuate things that are more dramatic work of art. See below:


Wardrobe Details: -A sweater/ Sheer back shirt detailed with gold spikes from XXI paired with navy blue trousers from Love Culture to give it that boyish look. A red orange suede pointed toe heel to give it that feminine touch. Can't forget the American flag earrings. God Bless Those Who Aren't Afraid To Step Out The Box!

"Have courage on ones convictions"
Isn't she EVERYTHING?? Be sure to check the Diva Den "Style" tab to see all of Krissy's future fashion tips!
Follow Krissy on IG: @Pink_leapord



Lauren LaShaye Makeup Tip- Beware of the Front Camera Only Makeup Artist

Instagram has an abundance of self proclaimed make up artist. Many ladies fall victim to getting their make up done by an iPhone front camera photographer. Don’t understand what I mean?
Take a look.
Looks good right? Wrong.

In the same light with a flash iPhone camera, you see every bit of a disgrace that is my face make up and my untamed hair. (Don’t judge)
For my beginners using the front camera flash can get you better aquatinted with your face and help you fix your mistakes before you go out and make a fool of yourself later on that night. Eventually, you will be able to do your own make up without using this method. For others that like to get themselves pampered, make sure that when you look for a make up artist via social media that you find one that uses multiple lights so you are able to see what you are in store for.
Here is a blended product in both lights.

For Instagram MUAs to watch check out these ladies:
And of course you can find me on both Instagram and Twitter: @allgigz

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