Tuesday, October 31, 2017

EXPOSED: Lisa Nicole From Married 2 Med, Recorded Yelling At Husband & Sidechick

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Married to Medicine star Lisa Nicole is not for NONE! A video recording has been released of The Bravo reality star yelling and screaming at her husband and his sidechick. In the recording you can hear Lisa Nicole forcing her husband, Dr. Darren to dismiss his sidechick. She even went so far as to include their two children. Take a listen below.
I am literally clinching my pearls! OMG! If you watch the show, you've witness the tension and dysfunction in their relationship, but each season, Lisa tries her best to clean up Darren's mess. SMH. According to her instagram account, all is well in their home, so I perhaps we will see this unfold during the upcoming season. In the meantime, LEAVE HIM GIRL...!

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