Wednesday, August 2, 2017

JUST MARRIED: Sheree From RHOA Is Now a Prison Wife

Well... well... well... Kenya Moore isn't the only newly married Housewife of Atlanta. According to the blogsphere Sheree is also a newlywed but she won't be going on a honeymoon anytime soon.

The gag is.... that her new husband is in the federal penitentiary. Check out the newly released photos of Sheree and her prison boo inside.

Tyrone Gilliams Jr., is allegedly behind bars for committing million dollar fraud. Now, we aren't passing judgement on Sheree's new man, but I think that we're all shocked that she actually married him this soon. It is not confirmed if we will see this unfold on the show but you know that we'll keep you updated on the latest. Congrats girl! 

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