Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kehlani Kicks Fan Out Of Concert For Mentioning "Kyrie"

This girl...

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Like most people, I enjoy Kehlani's music, however....  the dramatic antics just don't stop. After she walked out in the middle of a live interview in Chicago,  Here's the latest...

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During one of her recent shows, the singer got upset when a fan yelled out "Kyrie". So she stopped her set to call on security to remove the fan from the audience. See it for yourself inside.

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HA!? Here's a little backstory, Kehlani allegedly cheated on Kyrie Irving with her ex-boyfriend "PartyNextDoor". After social media caught wind of the alleged affair, Kehlani had a break down and attempted suicide. So fast forward to now, and we can understand why "Kyrie" is a sensitive subject but do you think she went too far by kicking the guy out?? Here's her response..

after a year of being tormented, harassed, people sending me death threats/showing up to festivals in jerseys throwing shit at me and chanting names, bullying my family in school, at the grocery store, walking down the street, shit that I never even SPOKE on because I dealt with my problems like an adult ON MY OWN for once...I finally stood up for myself. After a year of depression and therapy, moving away to a new city because of it, i FINALLY STOOD UP FOR MYSELF. I've held concerts where when they screamed a name at me I ran off, had a panic attack and cried. I'm finally confident, fearless and unashamed. It felt good as hell to do what I did, so bring on whatever you want because I'm proud of myself, my team is proud of me, my mom is proud of me. I wish you peace 🙏🏼 oh... and you couldnt last a day in my shoes. 💪🏼
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  1. She didn't cheat kyrie said that himself. She's been through a lot and sometimes you gotta be a bitch to get your point across. However petty it may seem she doesn't take do Shit.

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    2. Let them know!!!!