Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Xscape REUNITED.... Filming a Bio-Pic?

Are you here for it?

One of my sources dropped this gem on me a while ago after they heard that Kandi, Tiny, Latocha, and Tamika were working together on a project. Word is that the girls have put the beef aside and they are working together on a reunion and biopic. To follow the steps of TLC and New Edition, Xscape will produce a movie to tell the messy details of their rise to fame. According to my sources, we might also get some new music. Check out the instagram post that Kandi posted that got the streets talking... 

The girls went on Big Tigger's show to confirm their reunion. Are you here for it? We are. LaTocha and Tamika haven't been on the scene musically in a while and now that Tiny is single, this is the perfect time. Stay tuned for more details.... In the meantime... enjoy a throwback.

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