Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year

2016 sucked. Really bad. Really, really, bad. 

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Who knew that God could teach me so many lessons in one year? God literally unlocked another level of strength within in me and as I take a moment to reflect, I am so thankful. The chains of fear that had me in bondage for so long have been broken and I'm so eager to claim everything that God has for me and to let go of the things that were never mine to begin with. However I can't go into the New Year without thanking God for what is mine... and that's Diva Den Ent. 


Diva Den Ent. has been my creative outlet for a while and I am so grateful for all of you who have become loyal supporters of this brand. In this season I am doing everything that I can to give you more. More content. More creativity. More Keke. 

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The first order of 2017 business is "Keke Kommentary-The Podcast". 

Diva Den Ent. has been fun, but I'm going a step further with "Keke Kommentary". I hope that you'll have a seat at this table. *Wink* Let's chat! 

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