Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tiny Snaps a Pic With T.I's Enemy... AGAIN

Why must they continue to test the King!? It's no secret that T.I. can't stand Floyd Mayweather, so how does Tiny keep popping up in pics with the Champ???


This photo hit the net after Tiny and Floyd attended Mariah Carey's Halloween party last weekend. According to Tiny, she happen to walk passed as Mariah and Floyd were snapping the pic and Mariah requested that she join in the photo. *insert eye roll* We all know what happen the last time that Tiny and Floyd were spotted "hanging out".

We will never forget when T.I.P pulled up on The Champ and things went left. Remember this video?


It's so ironic that Floyd and Tiny bumped into each other for a pic just weeks after TI called Floyd out for being "socially irresponsible".  If you missed that story, catch up HERE. In other news, there have been plenty of rumors of Tiny and TI's separation, but Yeezus, could this be HER attempt at revenge?? 

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