Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kim K Got Robbed.... Now What!?

Well Kanye isn't having it!

Since the story of Kim's robbery hit headlines, everyone is playing detective. We all want to know who was behind it? Who has her million dollar ring? And what's the tea on that missing phone?

Meanwhile, Kanye has rescheduled a few of his tour stops to be near his wife's side. It's being reported that Kim has spent the last few days on long phone interviews with Paris police. The latest report is pointing fingers at the concierge who let the robbers up to Kim's room. TMZ reports that the concierge was also handcuffed by robbers, but seemed extremely calm throughout the entire ordeal. Could he have set it up? Who knows...! What everyone seems clear about is that it was indeed an inside job. So all we can really do is wait, because it all sounds like a scheme that TODD set up! Lol! (RHOA fans will get it..) Read more on the robbery aftermath HERE. 

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