Monday, August 1, 2016

Rob Hill Sr. & Letoya Luckett File For Divorce, Married Less Than A Year!

It must be something in the air. Divorce in Hollywood has been happening more than ever, back to back.

First, Stevie & Joseline (lol), then, Keshia Knight Pulliam & Ed Hartwell, Mary J Blige & Kendu, Drew Barrymore & Will Kopleman and now Letoya Luckett & Rob Hill Sr. . The crazy part is that Rob Hill is known for his inspirational relationship post on instagram. So what went wrong for the couple in such a short time!?? Read more inside.

According to reports, Letoya and Rob were married in January but broke up just two months after and due to a clause in their divorce settlement we may never know the real reason. Letoya and Rob made sure to put a clause in their divorce papers that states that neither one of them can speak about each other publicly. They also can not leak or post anything about their relationship on social media. Maybe all celebs should take a page from their book to avoid their tea being spilled all over the Diva Den. SMH... Well best wished Letoya. Rob's credibility has definitely been shattered. He's clearly not living out his IG post. SMH.

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