Thursday, August 11, 2016

Andrea Kelly (R.Kelly's Ex Wife) GOES OFF, After Radio Host Mentions Her Kids

R.Kelly has been in the news recently because he allegedly has a new 19 year old girlfriend. I'm not sure why this is news, considering that everyone knows that Kellz likes them But things went left when Ed Lover's co-host, Monie Love mentioned Drea's kids in her gossip report.

Andrea heard the report during her morning drive and whatever Monie said about Drea's kids pushed her over the edge and brought her to tears. Check out the video she posted online below.

YIKES! As a blogger, I understand the need to report the news and entertain, but I agree with Drea. You have to be careful with your words. I would feel horrible if I knew my words brought someone to tears. Hopefully Monie and Drea can resolve this issue.

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