Monday, June 13, 2016

Lil Wayne's Plane Forced To Land, Due To Back -to- Back Seizures

It's being reported that Lil Wayne's private jet was forced to make an emergency landing today in Nebraska. 

TMZ reports, that Lil Wayne suffered ANOTHER seizure right before boarding his private plane but, instead of going to the hospital, Wayne ALLEGEDLY refused medical help and boarded the plane for his flight.Well moments later, the plane was forced to land because Wayne suffered a second seizure and fell unconscious. The flight was scheduled to travel from Milwaukee to California but did not make it after his second seizure. Read more inside....

Now TMZ is reporting that Wayne has regained consciousness and is still refusing medical help. SMH! 2016 has been a horrible year for the entertainment industry and we can not afford to lose another one of our favorites! We pray that Wayne gets the help that he needs. You may remember that she suffered a near death experience after a seizure in 2013. For more details and updates CLICK HERE. 

*We know that Wayne loves his lean.... but we really hope that isn't the cause of his health issues. 

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