Friday, June 3, 2016

Executives At 'The Real' RESPOND To Tamar's Claims...SHADY!

Well, I'm sure you've heard Tamar's reaction to getting fired from The Real. On last night's episode of 'Braxton Family Values' Tamar cried to her sister Toni and said that she didn't know why she was fired and alluded that she was told it was because of her relationships with the other co-host. Well excutives from The Real have responded. Read their statement inside.

In response to statements made by Tamar Braxton during recent interviews and appearances surrounding her departure from “The Real,” we felt compelled to correct some inaccuracies.   


Tamar Braxton’s contract was not renewed for reasons that will remain privileged and private, and that are between her and the Studio. However, we would like to make it crystal clear that Ms. Braxton's departure from the show had nothing to do with her former co-hosts; any suggestion to the contrary unfairly tarnishes them. As always, we wish Tamar and Vince all the best.

Well Damn...(they TRIED it) Her name is Mrs.Herbert... but anyway, They basically said Girl BYE. I'm sure that despite this statement the "Tamartians" will still be on attack in all of the girls comment sections on social media. LOL.. Meanwhile, Tamar is on her way to the next check. She has signed on to do her own talk show with Steve Harvey's production company.

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