Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rob Kardashian Ditched The Family Vacay, To Propose To BlacChyna

Most of us could predict that it was only a matter of time before Rob Kardashian and BlacChyna pulled their next petty move. This time, they're in headlines because according to their social media accounts, it looks like they are now officially engaged.

Both Rob and Chyna posted pics last night of Chyna rocking a beautiful new ring with captions insinuating that Rob popped the question. It's so ironic that Rob waited until his entire family went on vacation before they made their announcement. We could only imagine the conversation around the breakfast table this morning between Kris Jenner and all of his sisters. Ha! Move over Kim... there's going to be a NEW Kardashian in town! See more pics of the happy couple inside...

Rob and Chyna posing with Chyna's mom.

Having fun on the beach..


Congrats to the lovely couple..lol. I still think that this is all a scheme that Todd set up... *Aunt Bertha Voice*