Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Keyshia Cole Blamed For Trying To Egg BowWow's Car On His Birthday

So after Keyshia Cole denied rumors of dating BowWow... in my Maury voice, "It turns out, that was a LIE"!

Today happens to be BowWow's birthday and he allegedly got a special gift from his ex-girlfriend Keyshia. According to BowWow, Keyshia Cole drove past his house and egged his friends car and then threw a birthday cake on his car. Read his tweets below.

Then he retweeted a fan, confirming that the "ex" is indeed... Keyshia.

SMH! BowWow's friend also confirmed that it was Keyshia.. See his post below.

So messy...But Keyshia is quickly creating a track record of being the crazy ex. Remember she got arrested for allegedly attacking one of Birdman's side pieces when she was dating him? C'Mon Keysh... you're better than that. Lol, in other news... Happy 29th Birthday Bow! To be extra petty, he uploaded this pic to his instagram. LMAO!

A photo posted by Bow wow (@shadmoss) on

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