Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sage The Gemini Gets REVEALED By His Ex, Leaves Social Media

Sage the Gemini is looking like a true douche bag today. After being in a VERY public, lovey-dovey, relationship with actress and singer Jordin Sparks his fans are shocked after the rapper was exposed by his ex.

You may remember, Jordin Sparks jumped into a relationship with Sage after she went through a very public break up with Jason Derulo.

After a couple of months of dating, allegedly Jordin called it quits when she found out that Sage was still chasing his ex-fiance. Fans were fooled and pressuring Jordin to give Sage a second chance until last night when his ex released audio of Sage allegedly admitting to her that he only got involved with Jordin for publicity and to promote his music. We can't confirm if he is actually the voice on the recording... but, um, yea, if you've heard him speak before then you be the judge. Enjoy the lengthy footage below. SMH!

oHH.. CHILD. It's all so messy. For more of this tea follow Sage's ex on IG @BeautiifullCurium 

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