Friday, February 26, 2016

Diva Den Inspiration

After her ex Sage The Gemini,was just put on blast for being a cheater... Jordin Sparks is sharing wise words with young people via her instagram page and it is our Diva Den Inspiration for the day!

Her caption: Spend time with your family, encourage each other, eat the cupcake, listen to a child laugh, look at the bright side of things, hold a puppy, give yourself some TLC, plant a seed & watch it grow, draw closer to Jesus, pray, be still....Life is beautiful & there are so many amazing reasons to be happy! Tag a friend!

Read the editor's note inside....

Read it again if you have to. So many young people are DESPERATE for a relationship and it's so sad to watch. I watch young men and women on social media BEG for attention ALL DAY and every time I come across one of their miserable, "Why am I single" post... I just pray for them. Real talk. Sometimes you need to be by yourself to work on yourself. How do you expect to have a happy relationship with someone when you don't have anything to offer them? We ALL want love and affection... that's obvious. However, I promise you that if you spent half of the time that you spend searching for a man on social media, actually building a relationship with God, working on your career, or health, you would be a lot happier while you're waiting on God to send you a mate. Get a hobby, take a class, workout, read your bible, enjoy your family, do something to add to your character, and then maybe when you actually become a wife or husband you can offer more to the relationship than just baggage from your past. And Another thing... stop comparing your reality to the "persona's" of your facebook friends and people around you. All of our lives are not the same. Your story is just that, YOUR STORY. Please don't be discouraged when it comes to love. There are still good men and women out here... but they are probably busy building a relationship with God, or working towards their careers and until you start doing both you probably won't meet them. But you will catch the attention of the guys and gals on social media who have nothing to offer you other than sex and games... so... much like Jordin, be encouraged to redirect your focus. Let go of that unrealistic "fairytale" in your head and get in tune with God's will. =) -Keke

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