Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hair Talk Tuesday

I've been rocking my new La Femme Tress Indian Water Wave hair for a few weeks and so far I'm still loving it!

I recently went to the bahamas and after spending day after day in the pool... This hair has the ultimate SNAPBACK! Whenever I got the hair wet, it returned to its natural wet and wavy curl pattern. It didn't tangle much and had very minimum shedding! Check out my vacation hair pics below. 

This is after being in the pool... 

If you're looking for hair that is easy to maintain, I would definitely recommend La Femme Tress Indian Water Wave. My girls at La Femme Tress actually have a special promotion going for the month of September ONLY! So hit them up ASAP! They are local if you are in the Chicagoland area! They will deliver, which will eliminate shipping cost! So call or text my girls TODAY!! For more information about the hair and to shop with La Femme Tress CLICK HERE! 

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