Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cynthia Bailey Responds To Her Husband's Cheating Scandal

In the voice of Nene Leakes.... "Ya never can winnnnnn, when ya play dirty!"

Cynthia Bailey was one the messiest characters on the last season of the Real Houswives of Atlanta and now her karma may have come back around to bite her. Cythina popped up on the blogs after video was released of her husband, Peter Thomas getting real cozy with a chick in the club... and even kissing her. It didn't take long for the video to hit social media and now Cynthia has given a response. Check out the suspect video below and then find out what Cynthia had to say.

 SMH... here is Cynthia's response.

Now, any fool can tell that Peter is NOT a Angel.... but something in my spirit tells me that this could be a desperate attempt to create a story line to secure her spot on the show. We all know that without her friendship with Nene, no one is really checking for Miss Cynthia on the show. Don't get me wrong she is fun to look at with all of her fabulous hair styles... BUT she is definitely replaceable on the show and juicy scandal is ALWAYS good for reality tv. *Side eye*.... but only time will tell. 

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