Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hair Talk Tuesday **PROM CONTEST WINNER**

Happy Hair Talk Tuesday! 

Congratulations to the La Femme Tress Hair - Prom Contest WINNER! Christin, is a high school senior and she SLAYYYYYED "the La Femme Way" on her prom night! She rocked a gorgeous, elegant, lace covered gown and of course her La Femme Tress Hair extensions. 

As a prize for winning the prom contest, Christin received a full face make-up application from "Gorgeous Kev", the owner of Gorgeous Artistry. Check out her BEAT below...

Christin is wearing La Femme Tress Indian "loose wave" 16 & 18 inch hair! To shop for your La Femme Tress Indian hair CLICK HERE!


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