Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Chris Brown Takes A Tumble

Chris Brown has a lot to celebrate. He's a new "dad", He just turned 26, and from the looks of instagram, He might just be back in the good graces of his ex-girlfriend Karrueche. Well he took his "turn up" a bit too far when he danced right off of the stage. Check out the funny video below.

LMAO... He twirled right off the stage! SMH. I'm sure with all the drugs and liquor flowing he didn't feel a thing. 

Chris should also be happy that he is no longer under investigation for an alleged Las Vegas fight. Cops were thirsty to investigate Chris after "reports" surfaced that he allegedly punched a member of Jeremih's crew after a fall out during a basketball game, but it must of been all lies because Chris has been cleared for the investigation. 

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