Monday, April 27, 2015

Who KEEPS Trying To Kill Lil Wayne???

I'm starting to think Lil Wayne is the new Tupac, with all these "shoot out" reports... but unlike Pac, Wayne STILL hasn't been shot. So what's the real tea!?

Does the shooter just have bad aim? Is the media creating these stories? Is this all a publicity stunt by his camp? Chileeeeee..... I don't know but Weezy must have nine lives. First off, he ALLEGEDLY almost died after experiencing multiple seizures a while back, then his Miami house was allegedly shot up but we later learned that was a hoax.... and now it's being reported that his tour bus was shot up in Atlanta. Check out the latest "Weezy almost died" story below.

TMZ reports,

"Lil Wayne's tour bus took on gunfire in Atlanta early Sunday morning ... TMZ has learned.
Wayne performed at Compound nightclub on Saturday night ... and sources tell us the shooting went down shortly after 3:30 AM -- minutes after Wayne's 2 tour buses pulled away from the club.
We're told Weezy and a few other Young Money execs and artists -- including Lil Twist and Hood -- were on board at least one of the buses at the time of the shooting. It appears no one was injured, and it's still unclear if Wayne was on board the bus that was hit.
Law enforcement sources tell us immediately after the shooting the bus was driven to a nearby hotel, and that's when someone in Wayne's entourage called cops.
We're told witnesses on the buses didn't see much -- their only description of the suspects is that they were in 2 white vehicles ... a sports car (possibly a Corvette) and an SUV."

Something is fishy about these stories... But Lil Wayne, can you do me a favor and stay alive AT LEAST until you come to WGCI's Summer Jam in Chicago??? THANKS!

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