Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Safaree & K.Michelle Continue To Troll Nicki Minaj

Going Under Safaree K.Michelle

Well... while Nicki Minaj is busy on tour and instagram caking with Meek Mill, her ex of 10 years has found a new big booty chick to follow. Safaree has made it pretty clear that he is feeling some type of way for singer/reality star K.Michelle.

Safaree and K.Michelle have NOT been shy about their new found "friendship". K.Michelle twerked it out to his song on instagram and she also posted a photo of the flowers he sent her during her hospital stay. Now they've taken it a step further with this new remix. Safaree took it upon himself to remix K.Michelle's song "Going Under". Most of the lyrics are about his new relationship with K.Michelle. Listen closely below.

Hmm... his rap skills on this track sound pretty weak, but in his defense... He's calling it a "freestyle". Either way, I'm sure the "Barbz" are gearing up to attack, and Nicki is probably somewhere pretending to be un-bothered.... SMH, Messy!

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