Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hair Talk Tuesday

As a women we love to be creative with our hair, so I want to share with you some of my favorite hairstyles for the workplace. It's important to figure out what hairstyle fits you and your career. I work in radio and while the atmosphere is sometimes fun, it is still a business. Luckily in my department our work attire is relaxed. So from luxurious curls to a slick back ponytail most looks are appropriate. Check out a few of my favorite "at work" styles that can be achieved with La Femme Tress Hair Extensions below.

Loose Wand Curls 

Loose Big Curls 

Bone Straight 

Tight Curls 

Pulled Back Ponytail 

Here are other cute styles that I see in the workplace....

Loose Curled Bob

Funky Short Cut 

Natural Curls

natural hairstyles and color

High Bun

Whatever your profession is, be sure that your hair helps to best represent you. You always want to look presentable and be a great representative of your business. Be sure that people take you serious and that your look represents that. I try to stay away from over the top styles, and bright colors in the workplace. BUT I AM NOT JUDGING.... however others may. Lol. My advice would be to always keep it cute and classy no matter where you work. All of the above looks were achieved with my La Femme Tress Hair (except the ponytail... that's all me, lol) . For more info on my hair CLICK HERE. 

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