Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hair Talk Tuesday RETURNS!

I was gone for a minute, now I'm back with the JUMP OFF! Ayeeeeeee!

Hair Talk Tuesday is back and this week we're chatting about the product that continues to preserve my La Femme Tress extensions.... COCONUT OIL!

Along with keeping your hair cleaned and conditioned, keeping it moisturized is just as important. My girl Tiffany from La Femme Tress put me on to Coconut Oil and it made a big difference in the look of my hair. Check out 6 ways to use coconut oil below.

1. Moisturizing Hair (apply a small amount of oil to your clean, dry hair and watch the oil bring your hair back to life!)

2. Moisturizing Skin (I like to mix the oil with my lotion, leaving my skin nice and smooth) 

3. Eye Make-Up Remover (Coconut oil helps with removing make-up and leaves the skin soft after removal) 

4. Hot Oil Treatment (Place your Coconut oil in a cup of hot water and use the oil as a hot oil treatment on your hair) 

5. Cures Chap Lips (Rub a small amount of oil on your lips, to soften lips and prevent chapping)

6. Heal Scars (Rubbing Coconut oil on scars can help the skin heal faster.) 

I keep a bottle on deck, for ALL of the reasons above. You can purchase coconut oil from your local beauty supply or drugstore. For more info on purchasing La Femme Tress Hair CLICK HERE. To submit "Hair Talk" questions CLICK HERE.  

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