Monday, March 9, 2015

Fix It Jesus!: Nick Gordon Acts A Fool On Dr.Phil

'I hate Bobby Brown!' His tears quickly turn to anger when he brings up his girlfriend's father Bobby Brown, who has blocked him from seeing the 22-year-old in the hospital

While the world still waits and prays for the outcome of Bobbi Kristina's hospitalization, her "boo" Nick Gordon is spiraling out of control right in front of our eyes.

Nick and his mother (who has magically appeared) did a taping of the Dr.Phil show and from the clip below, Nick looks CLEARLY mentally unstable. There has been TONS of speculation that Nick may be guilty of foul play surrounding Bobbi Kristina's hospitalization and Whitney Houston's death. Bobby Brown's family has been very vocal with claims that they believe Nick should be charged with attempted murder, but the case is still under investigation. Check out a clip from the interview below.

SMH... It seems mighty strange to me that Bobbi Kristina was found in the same condition that her mother was found. If I was apart of the family I would be giving Nick the side eye as well. Hopefully investigators will find an answer to this madness. In the meantime, Bobbi Kristina is still in the hospital and there has been no word of improvement regarding her condition. Nick's Dr.Phil episode premieres This Wednesday, March 11th. Just Sad. 

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