Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Break-Up To Make-Up, Keyshia Cole & Booby Gibson Make Up

Oh... how things have changed since a week ago.... week ago.... (said twice, like Bobby Shmurda). After blasting each other over instagram, Keyshia Cole and her estranged husband Booby Gibson have apologized and made up.

Keyshia posted the below message to fans on instagram. See below.

"At the end of the day @Daniel_GibsonJr is what matters! Was I wrong for bringing shyt to social media? #YES! And we both apologize for that. So we went out last night to discuss priorities and what #AbsolutelyComesFirst #NoArguing #NoFighting #Daniel #Keyshia #DanielJr #NoBitchAssness"

It's good that Keyshia and Booby are "attempting" to be mature. Hopefully, they can fix their issues OFF of social media. Good Luck. 

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