Monday, February 2, 2015

Warren Sapp ARRESTED For Allegedly Picking Up Prostitutes

SMH... If you're going to be a creep, you have GOTS to be more careful!

Former NFL defensive tackle, and current NFL commentator, Warren Sapp may have just further ruined his name. TMZ is reporting that Warren was just arrested for assault and soliciting prostitutes. Two women reportedly told police that they were assaulted by Sapp at a hotel in a disagreement over money they were owed, as escorts.

This all went down in Phoenix, AZ because Warren was there to cover the Superbowl for his job at the NFL network. Well unfortunately, since the network caught wind of his arrest, he has been suspended from the network infidelity. His photo and biography have been pulled from the networks website and folks are saying that he will most likely be terminated. SMH...

Damnit Mannn! I'm sure there were PLENTY of groupies in Arizona for the Superbowl, why would you look for prostitutes... CREEP! SMH!

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