Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Toxic Relationship: Ray-J Allegedly Beat Up By His Girlfriend

SMH... Ray-J is probably the worst thing that ever happen to Brandy's career. This boy is ALWAYS in some mess. Here's the latest according to TMZ.

Ray J's GF Princess Love was arrested in New Orleans for allegedly beating him to a bloody pulp.
Law enforcement tells us, it happened last Wednesday, after Ray J returned to his hotel after spending the night with TV producers at a strip joint. Ray -- who stars in "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood" with Princess Love -- told cops Princess went ballistic and attacked him, cracking several ribs, busting his lip open and tearing his ACL.  
Someone in the hotel told cops they heard Princess scream, "I'm gonna kill you."
We're told Ray J ran out of the room and a hotel security guy saw him bleeding and called 911. We're told Princess was arrested and booked for domestic abuse and battery. 
And sources say Ray J himself bailed her out and paid $10K for her lawyer.
This is not completely surprising to me. Ray-J's former assistant Morgan has been very vocal in the media, saying that Ray-J and Princess have an abusive relationship. Check out Morgan spilling the tea below.

And there's more... 

Hopefully one of them find the strength to leave before it ends really bad. We will never forget that one time Ray-J pushed her into the pool. 

A mess!

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