Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Let Me Introduce You To "La Femme Tress"

The crabby patty recipe has been revealed....

If you've inboxed, emailed, or asked me in person what kind of hair i'm using here's the tea! I finally found a hair line fit for a DIVA! Meet my friends at La Femme Tress!

La Femme Tress is a trusted virgin hair line that offers top of the line, long lasting virgin hair. I've been rocking with this brand for a while and I have YET to be disappointed. The ladies at La Femme Tress offer same day hair delivery throughout the Chicagoland area and they've even agreed to offer a special deal to ladies who rock with the Diva Den! Check out the FAB hair choices and be sure to use the special promo code: DIVA DEN at check out for a special deal. CLICK HERE

Continue to check The Diva Den, to see my tutorial for my hairNISTA's. You'll be able to see the hair in motion! You can also keep up with La Femme Tress hair by following the team on social media!

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