Tuesday, December 9, 2014

KMichelle CONFIRMS Relationship With Idris Elba, Puts ANOTHER Friend On Blast For Stealing

We love a good K.Michelle interview.... She spills ALL her tea! In her latest Breakfast Club interview, She's confirming her relationship with Idris Elba and she also confirms that her friends were messing with the churches money...

SMH. Watch below.

K.Michelle ended the season finale of her reality show with a BANG when she let the world know that her good friend Paris was also stealing from her. In case you missed the season finale watch below and see Paris' response to K.Michelle's thief claims. Fast Forward to the 18:45min mark... and see what Paris posted to IG below.

Paris took to IG to explain...

A photo posted by Paris Phillips (@whoisparisphillips) on

 and there's more...
Well jus say it was a 50 dollar uber .. Why say I stole your credit card , When she knew it was a 50 dollar uber . Word of advice never put uber on a fat bitch phone in the summer time.. ✌️I done held thousands of dollars for K she no damn well I ain't know thief .. But my fat ass hate walking she put uber on my phone I used it I told her I was wrong offered to pay it back etc .. I'm the only one around k that tells her what she needs to hear in not what she wants I was her only real friend , But when you Never had a real friend you don't know how to be one .. This over a 50 dollar uber .. I guess we never were friends. Now I would be wrong if I start telling the truth about you , But I'm not go to that becuz I really had love for you , you know I don't play with the word friend , you know I'm the Realest bitch you ever came across . I still got much love for you .
A photo posted by Paris Phillips (@whoisparisphillips) on
I'm like K.... I don't care if it's 50 Dollars or 50 cents... It's MINE. Don't help yourself to NOTHING that don't belong to you without my permission. I don't share my man, my food, or my money! So anybody stealing from me... has GOT TO GO!! But anywho... K.Michelle's album is in stores TODAY!

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