Monday, December 8, 2014

Chris Brown Apologizes For Putting Karrueche On Blast

Bi-polar? Or Nah?

In the never ending soap opera called "Chris Brown's Life", the tables have turned again. Over the weekend, Chris Brown took his emotions to the stage and instagram.

After Karrueche broke up with him, he hopped on stage in LA and told the crowd he was single and said "Fu*k Dat Bitc*h". Then to add insult to injury he put his ex on blast on instagram, claiming she was never a ride or die chick, and made claims that she participated in threesomes and even went on secret dates with Drake. And now.... just days later, he is already publicly apologizing. LMAO... Here's his latest post.

SMH... Well it's been reported that he has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, and he's unfortunately displaying that behavior to the world.  I'm sure that he and Karrueche will be back together in no time... but the damage is already done. And this is why I always advise people to keep your relationship issues off of the internet! You will forget and forgive your spouse.... but your family, friends, and the public won't. Get it together CB, DAMN!

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