Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Basketball Wife Denies Cheating With Tamar's Husband

I can see the smoke coming from Tamar's wig all the way in Chicago!

Chileeee..... I don't know where these blog sites got this mess from BUT apparently there were rumors that Vincent Herbert was having an affair with the wife of NBA player Matt Barnes.

 The Vh1 Basketball wife,  is denying the CRAZY rumors! According to the reports, Gloria Govan was rumored to be having an affair with Vincent Herbert in a desperate attempt to land a new reality show. But, no need to go to war "Tamartians". Gloria says the rumors are un-true! Check out her instagram post below.

To the blogs that Gloria mentioned you surely TRIED IT! Lol. It's no secret that Gloria has "gotten around" in LA, but don't include my sweet (brother in my head) Vincent in that DRAMA!


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