Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tyrese BLAST Comedian Spanky Hayes For Starting Fake Rumors

This is soooooo messy...... (rubs hands like Birdman)

"Wild N Out" comedian Spanky Hanyes made some DEEP allegations about Tyrese claiming that he participated in sexual acts with men to get his lead role in "Baby Boy", and Tyrese is LIVID!

In a recent interview Spanky went on a rant making allegations about Tyrese and other actors claiming that he witnessed them partake in sexual acts with other men. Tyrese took to his facebook page to respond.

See Spanky's interview below.

SMH... Well damn.

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  1. well.... It makes it better that Tyrese's video was 1st ... On the other hand, Spanky Hayes isn't that popular... so idk how well of a source he is, but -I'm like a lot otherz (not saying that I'm a follower) Tyrese presents him self as a black man that has his head on his shoulders. He has done a great job of defending himself which makes me think "Spanky true or not you're saying this , because....? (how is this relevant) What is Tyrese doing or about to do in his career ?-- like what's the point---which makes me side with Tyrese ,although I do like Spanky Hayes's comedy, and say ya its for publicity. When the video 1st came on the interviewer guestures that you are about to do the same thing to your career that you trying to do Tyrese's career.---- but the naked basketball player tho....