Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Rich Dollaz Arrested

Love & Hip Hop NY cast member Rich Dollaz has been arrested!

The reality star was taken to jail after he double parked his car outside of the Edgewater, New Jersey police headquarters to run inside of Five Guys for a burger. SMH... When police ran his license plates a warrant for Rich's arrest was revealed.  Read More...

Unfortunately, the father of four (including the child he denies, is his) owes $11,000 in child support. Rich was taken into custody on Sunday night and there has been no word of his release. DAMN HOMIE! There is no confirmation that Rich will return to Love & Hip Hop considering the fact the Erica Mena left him for Bow Wow and Olivia has fired him as he manager. SMH... He's 43 yrs old.. Get it together RICH!

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