Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Phaedra Parks CONFIRMS Divorce From Apollo On Ellen

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks is spilling the tea on her marriage. She  put on her best wig and red dress to head over to the Ellen Show for a chat.

Phaedra confirmed with Ellen that she has indeed filed for divorce from her husband Apollo. Phaedra also denied rumors that she cheated. Check out the clip below...

Phaedra is such a class act, a true southern belle. She responded to the first question by saying, "I just got my fifth college degree". YES GAWD Ms.Parks! Lol... I don't blame her for divorcing Apollo. The man just got 8years in prison and when he was home, he embarrassed the HELL out of her on national TV, by flirting with women at her place of work! (The Real Housewives of ATL). I hope Phaedra finds a man that can appreciate ALL that she brings to the table. Now let me go pick up a book so that I can brag about having FIVVVVEEE Degrees one day. LMAO

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