Monday, October 20, 2014

Omarion & BabyMother Call It Quits!?

Sites are reporting that Omarion and his baby mother Apryl Jones are OVER!

Rumor has it, Omarion requested a DNA test on the couples newborn son Megga, and after Apryl refused, Omarion called it quits.

The rumors started after Omarion's mother questioned the baby's DNA. It's being reported that the couples son looks more like Apryl's ex-boyfriend and that is what caused Omarion to question the baby's DNA.

Fans can see on the recent episodes of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood that Omarion's mother Leslie, does not approve of Apryl as a mother. Watch below....

Neither party has confirmed the news. However, Apryl spent the weekend in Chicago partying with friends without Omarion. She posted the below photo to instagram.

Chi town all day!!!! @jas_e_jones @starrs_gasd_up @itsniyanadenyce @vanorsby_empire_ @naree_hankins love you guys!!!

I'm not fully convinced that this story is true... But it's my duty to give you the tea. If it is true, do you think Omarion is wrong for asking for a DNA test?? In other news... If the baby is his, and he needs a good step mother... holla at me "O". LMAO.. JK!

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