Tuesday, October 28, 2014

LOVE DRAMA: Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

This new cast of clowns on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood are soooooooo messy, it's hard to keep up! Where do I start??....

Soulja Boy & Nia-

Well Soulja Boy recently broke up with his girlfriend (on the show) Nia. This fool broke up with her, posted his phone number on twitter and then got back with her a day later and showed off a new tattoo of her name... lmao. Check out his tatt below.

Lol.. that may have been the fastest break up & make-up in LHHH history! Next up is... 

Yung Berg & Hazel-E & Masika-

In a strange turn of events.... Hazel-E's "friend" on the show "Masika", who was originally the "side chick" of another cast member has made things official with her "friend's" former love interest!? YES... Masika is now dating Yung Berg. After giving Hazel advice about Yung Berg on the show, Masika has come on in and taken Berg for herself! Here's a video of the new couple glowing together...
A video posted by Yung Berg (@hitmaka) on
How shady?? Although Hazel was CLEARLY in denial of the status of her and Berg's relationship, Masika still broke Girl Code with this move. However it was a smart business move to keep herself on the show for another season. *These hoes ain't LOYAL* Lol.. To see more pics of Yung Berg & Masika's love CLICK HERE. SMH!!

Nikki & MallyMal-


Well according to their instagram accounts, these two are officially back together. I guess with Masika dating Yung Berg, Nikki is no longer worried about her stealing MallyMal. Nikki snapped a pic with Mal showing off a diamond ring. Could there be wedding bells ringing soon?? Nahhh we DOUBT it! Check out the pic below. 

In other LHHH news, Hazel-E is not letting Yung Berg stop her. She performed on the Bishop Don Juan radio show. Check out the hilarious clips below. 

But wait... there's more...
A video posted by Rapper Hazel-E aka #AricaKane (@hazelebaby) on
LMAO... Cocaine is one HELL of a DRUG!

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