Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Could Tyga Be Dissing Drake On New Song "Make It Work"??

Things have been a bit SHADY on the Young Money team after Tyga made it clear that he is not happy with the label and wants to go independent. During an interview with Vibe magazine, Tyga also made it clear that he does not like Drake or Nicki Minaj and since the interview, the subliminal shots between Drake and Tyga keep on rolling..

The latest attack may have come from Tyga after he released a new song, "Make It Work". AllHipHop.com reports,

The track features a few lines that seem to be directed at Drake. At one point he raps, “n***as wanna take it there, we can take it there” and later adds “why these n***as wanna test me on the low though?” There is another part of the track that includes the lyrics “n***a never was my homie, all these b***hes know you’re corny.”

Could Tyga be talking about Drizzy?? Check out the song below.

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