Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Chris Brown Calls TMZ "The Devil"

Chris Brown is fed up with TMZ and he expressed his opinion about the sites managing editor in a lengthy instagram post.

TMZ has been known to be the breaking news source for all of the drama in Chris Brown's life. Most recently the site posted a story insinuating that Chris shoved a woman inside of a club. However, the headline seemed to be a bit more dramatic than the incident itself. In my opinion, the headline was a poor choice of words to sensationalize a story that may cause people to reflect on Chris' domestic violence past. From the video I saw, Chris did not flat out shove a woman... He was walking thru a crowd with his girlfriend and a woman grabbed his face and tried to kiss him in the mouth... he simply pushed her hands away. You can watch the video HERE, and see Chris' message to TMZ and Harvey Levin inside...

SMH.. I can admit that as a blogger it is a fine line between reporting the news, giving your opinion and being malicious. Being behind a keyboard does not exclude you from the karma that travels when you intentionally hurt someone. I admire TMZ for being at the forefront of breaking accurate news, but this is not the first time that they have published a misleading headline to sensationalize a story. Right around the time of the Mike Brown shooting, their site posted a headline that said, "RayJ Was Shot By A Cop"... when the headline should have been... "RayJ Takes Pics With Cops". This is just one example of a poor, insensitive, choice of a headline. Hopefully the site will make better choices in the future and continue being one of the top sources of celebrity gossip. I love TMZ... but we all have to be accountable, especially when you have an audience the size of theirs. 

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