Sunday, June 1, 2014

Chicago Radio Stops The Music..... To Stop The VIOLENCE

Sunday night Chicago's urban radio stations came together in an effort to get the city's attention.

WGCI, V103, Power 92, WVON, and Soul 106.3 joined together and stopped their music for two hours straight, to chat with listeners about what can be done to STOP THE VIOLENCE in Chicago, and to encourage listeners to PUT THE GUNS DOWN.

The murder rate in Chicago has been through the roof, with more than 500 shooting victims in just the first 5 months of the year. SAD! The more unfortunate thing is that a lot of the shooting victims have been young African Americans. We all know how bad the problem is... But what can we do to fix this? How can we stop this? Well... there's only one answer, PUT THE GUNS DOWN. It seems that we are at war with ourselves!? And in my opinion, that concept is silly as hell. We're KILLING our own people! WHY!???? At what point did the people of our culture become such COWARDS that we can no longer confront, and talk out our issues without pulling the trigger and ending someones life? I'm starting to wonder do Chicago people even know how to FIGHT?? Seems like all we do is SHOOT!? SMH!

But enough of my rant. I'll continue to do my part to better my city, by mentoring young people and supporting our youth. What the radio stations did this weekend was amazing because it caught the attention of the city and relayed the message of non violence from the people that look and sound like us. Hopefully the message was not only heard, but received. I encourage you to do your part to stop violence. Please encourage someone you know to "PUT THE GUNS DOWN". Sign the petition HERE. Here's more info on the movement.

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