Tuesday, May 6, 2014

T.I. Vents About Maritial Issues On "The Worst" Remix

Well damn...

For the last couple of months there have been SEVERAL rumors surrounding TI &Tiny's marriage. Now TIP has set the record straight, in a remix to Jhene Aiko's "The Worst". In the song, TIP confirms issues in his marriage and basically spilled the tea on where the couple stands today in their relationship. And judging from the lyrics of the song they are clearly NOT ON THE BEST TERMS!

Get the tea....

As we've noticed, Tiny and TIP haven't been photographed together in the longest time. We can see from Tiny's instagram account that she has been on several "ladies only" trips and even clubbing and partying in Vegas minus her husband. Tiny also made an appearance on the Wendy Williams show where she "forgot" to wear her wedding ring. So... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that they are clearly separated. Which is SAD, not only because we like them as a couple, but there are young children involved. Hear TIP's side of the story in "The Worst" remix below.

Well there you have it. Let's put this couple on the Diva Den prayer list. We want TIP and Tiny back together! Hopefully it is not to late and we won't have to report an actual divorce filing. TIP DID post the below to his instagram today... hmmm... we hope he didn't pull the trigger on their marriage?! *No pun* 

Caption: "Finna step out on faith.... Ya'll should try it sometimes."

Good luck TIP and Tiny. We wish you the best. 

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