Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring Time Fashion--TRENCH COAT

Hey Divas! It's your Diva Den Fashionista Krissy, and Spring is here! Even though in Chicago, it may not feel like it....yet, and still we must appreciate God's gift of seasons. And what better way to do that, than being stylish? Now is the time to.....Get a FAB Trench Coat!

A trench coat is known as a raincoat made of water-proof or heavy duty material. The coats come in various lengths from the mid calf to the knee and we are all bound to find one that fits (us short people too). The classic color of a trench coat is khaki, but lately I've been seeing trench coats with this seasons trendy spring colors.

I know you many of you are thinking that trench coats for older women, but no- they are becoming a needed garment for all ages.

I've pieced together a casual look:
-Medium acid washed denim
-A typography tee
-Ivory basic trench coat
-Pointed toe ankle booties
-Fedora, sunglasses & a cross body purse

This  entire look can be found in H&M stores world wide or www.h&

I also included different styles and colors of modern trench coats that you can rock with any look this season! Get your LIFE and get you a FAB trench coat to complete your look today! For all the latest fashion trends... Follow me on IG @Pink_leopard and @DivaDenEnt

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