Friday, March 28, 2014

Sundy Carter Says Malaysia Blacked Her Eye.... NOT Draya!?

Now this is just getting TOO funny! We all saw the fight leading up to Draya punching Sundy Carter in her eye on the last episode of Basketball Wives LA...

But Sundy is saying "don't believe your eyes" because she's claiming  that it wasn't Draya that blacked her eye.... According to Sundy, it was Malaysia!?

Yup, Sundy is alleging that she was "jumped" by Draya and Malaysia, and it was NOT Draya who gave her a black eye... but, Malaysia... LOL.

Check out her tweets below.

This is all just too funny for me... Girl, does it really matter WHO punched you?? You started talking mess, got a black eye, and it aired on national should be embarrassed!  Sundy needs to go ask Iyanla to fix her life because after the last episode she will need therapy to deal with the aftermath of rocking a black eye on national television. The episode aired Monday and  she's STILL arguing with fans on twitter... LMAO. Malaysia has yet to respond to the allegations. I guess we'll have to see it play out on the show. Check out the sneak peek of next weeks episode below.

These chicks are hilarious! We'll be tuned in. *cue* Tupac's "Who Shot Cha?"... LOL

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