Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Nicki Minaj TOPLESS But....Wants You To See Her New Growth

Nicki. Nicki. Nicki....

Lately the "Barb" has been embracing her "natural" hair and making sure we see her "hangtime" aka the length. Known for her bizarre wigs... Nicki has been keeping it "real" on instagram, as far as her hair is concerned. Check out her "Fresh out the shower" face and hair below.

Haha.. Us black girls love to flex our "new growth".

Nicki told her Barbs that she decided to put a relaxer in her hair after 4 years without one. I know all of my "natural hair" girls are cringing at the thought. More pics of Nicki's newly "permed" locks below.

Nicki also mentioned a line of hair products... we wonder if its true. Here's the tweet.

Well... after her original wig maker filed a hefty law suit against her, it makes sense for her to embrace her natural side. That's shade... but I just thought I'd remind you about that drama. I get it though. When you wear a lot of weave and wigs, people think your bald headed... so when I take my braids out... I'll have a "new growth" photo shoot like Nicki.. Just wait on it. Lol

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