Monday, March 24, 2014

Keyshia Cole Gets PISSED At Atlanta's V103 Radio Station....Says She'll SLAP A BI*CH

As we previously posted, Keyshia Cole released a new single called "Rick James. In the song she sings about "slapping a chick" and the V103 Atlanta morning show reached out to ask her, "who was the song directed to". Then things went left....

Things got "turnt up" after the host Ryan Cameron and Wanda Smith continued to ask Keyshia about the status of her marriage to her estranged husband Boobie Gibson. Keyshia answered most of the questions as "politically correct" as possible, until Wanda asked her if she was "wifey material". *GASP*... How insulting right?? After she asked that, Keyshia snapped. Listen to it all HERE.

Keyshia went on to blast the radio station on Twitter....

Smh... although Keyshia sounded highly intoxicated, I don't blame her for snapping. It's clear that Keyshia is going through marital issues and for another woman to ask such a disrespectful question, we can't blame her for offering to "Slap a bi*ch". In other news... to hear Keyshia's new singles, listen below.

People give Keyshia a hard time... I still rock with her. She seems like a strong chick, I hope she can keep it together. 

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