Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Evelyn Lozada EXPOSES Wendy Williams Husband

DAMNNNNN HOMIE...... Evelyn Lozada just threw MAJOR shade at Wendy Williams! Here's the tea...

This all started when Wendy Williams talked about Evelyn Lozada during the hot topics segment of her show and referred to Evelyn's new born son as a "cash register". Listen to what Wendy said in the clip below. (Start at the 5:41 mark)

So... Evelyn heard Wendy's comments and she fired back via Twitter alleging that Wendys husband purchased shoes for another woman from Evelyn's, old shoe store "Dolce" in Miami. Read her tweets below. 

Well DAMN. I guess Evelyn had to remind folks that she will still pop off! I can't wait to see Wendy's response. It will be very hard to ignore Evelyn's allegations, because this story will be everybody's "hot topic" tomorrow.  We'll be watching!

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