Monday, March 10, 2014

Beyonce Says... "Be The Boss"

Beyoncé has joined in Lifetime TV's pledge to "Ban Bossy".

 photo Beyonce-BanBossy.png
The focus of the PSA is to encourage young women to become leaders and not shy away from being BOSSES! We all know that Beyoncé is a self proclaimed "feminist" and so am I, so check out the star studded PSA below.

That's right.. "I'm not Bossy. I'm the BOSS!" I love it! This campaign is truly DOPE, don't just be "Bossy" ladies... be the BOSS! In honor of women being LEADERS... enjoy a classic feminist tune below.

I can't wait to post my special edition of #KekeKommentary where I talk about self love, women empowerment and more. Stay tuned! We RUN the world!

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