Tuesday, March 25, 2014

BBWLA: The BLACK EYE Aftermath

Last night it went DOWN on Basketball Wives LA.

 Draya and Sundy passed licks and Sundy ended up with a black eye. Of course VH1 cut out the actual swinging between the ladies but the aftermath of the fight was entertaining enough......

Basketball Wives L.A. Sundy Carter Slammed Through MEMES & Twitter [PHOTOS]

Exactly. Lol. The tweets went CRAY CRAY! Here's more....

Basketball Wives L.A. Sundy Carter Slammed Through MEMES & Twitter [PHOTOS]

Lol... These chicks are SO RATCHET. After the episode aired, Sundy and Draya fought again on Twitter... catch the tweets below.

Draya tweeted:

And over on Sundy's twitter.....

SMH... and she continued to tweet her "defense" all night. Sundy is truly hilarious. Her children must be so embarrassed to see their mother act a DONKEY on national television. No one with sense would allow the VH1 cameras to film them with a black eye. The checks these ladies are getting are not THAT good. But as Uncle Willie said in the first Friday movie, "You win some, you lose some, but you live to fight another day."  And we'll be watching!  In other news....Brittish, who wasn't invited on the girls trip to Palm Springs missed all of the action, but stayed home with her FINEEEEEE ass fiancee. Check them out in the deleted scenes.

Until the next episode...

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