Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Who Sang It Best?? K Michelle Vs. Tamar Braxton

Chile.... First these two had twitter beef after Tamar accused KMichelle of stealing her wig and NOW KMichelle is singing Tamar's song!? Or was it actually KMichelle's song?? Hmmmm....get the tea below.
It's no secret that these two R&B starlets have been beefing for a WHILE now.. But leave it to "take no shit" KMichelle to get the "last lick" on her new mixtape.

KMichelle released a new mixtape "Still No Fucks Given" on Valentines Day. So as I was listening to the new music in the airport yesterday I came across number 16, titled "She Can Have You". So as I'm listening to the song... I noticed that KMichelle is singing to the same track and melody as Tamar's Christmas single, also titled "She Can Have You". I immediately started laughing! Only a chick like K Michelle would have the BALLS to pull a move like that. But at the end of the song KMichelle reveals an interesting fact.. she says, that she actually recorded the same song THREE YEARS AGO with Tamar's producer "TC".... she then says "So where's the REAL shade"... HMMM!
Talk about MESSY!? If I was Tamar, I'd have to side eye TC, because knowing the history between her and K, why would you allow them both to record the same song?? BUT that's typical in the music industry. All we want to know is who do you think sang it best? Listen to Tamar and KMichelle's version below and vote "WHO SANG IT BEST!??"

Now... here's KMichelle's version..

Listen to KMichelle give us the tea on the "shared" song in a skit from her mixtape.

Vote below.

We can't wait to see the results from this poll. We LOVE both of the ladies but we have to admit watching them throw shade is hilarious. Maybe one day they can collaborate on a song Brandy and Monica style.. Lol... Hmmm probably NOT. In other news.. KMichelle's new mixtape is HOT! CLICK HERE to download it. My favorite song is "Heartbreak and Headboards". Congrats K, on another dope mixtape. Congrats Tamar on your THREE Grammy nominations. Both of the ladies are "Winning" at the moment.

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