Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DRAMA: Beyonce's Little Brother and His Mom Step Into The Spotlight

Cheaters can be so damn MESSY! UGH!
The "Messy Man" award goes to Matthew Knowles... with his old ass! As you may already know, Matthew Knowles (Beyoncé's Dad) cheated on his wife Tina, with the chick pictured above. As a result of his MESS, he and the side chick share a 4yr old son named Nixon. Well.... the side chick is now claiming that Matthew has not be paying child support for their son, and as a result the side chick is spilling the tea.
RING THE ALARM! The side chick (Alexsandra Wright) is claiming that Matthew is $32,000 behind in child support and she is now being forced to get on public aid. GIRL BYE! See what this basic ass chick told the Insider in an interview below.

And here is another clip. In this clip she claims that Matthew tried to talk her into giving her baby to JayZ and Beyoncé before Blue Ivy was born. SMH.. Watch below.

This is so damn messy and Matthew Knowles, it is all your fault! At "60-something" years old he didn't have the decency to use protection or better yet... stay loyal to his wife of 31 years!? THEN... after he's created this whole mess, he takes the DEAD BEAT route and acts like the child doesn't exist? It's bad enough he was a horrible husband after he cheated and got the side chick pregnant, but to now ignore the child?? That's LOW. Also it is clear that this THIRSTY chick is only looking for a payday. At 44 years old, the ONLY reason she had this mans baby is to secure her salary for the next 18 years, which shouldn't be hard since Matthew is clearly sitting on MILLIONS. A smart man, with even an ounce of class would of just paid this chick off and fixed his image to maintain his cash flow and save Beyoncé, Solange, Tina Knowles (his ex-wife)  and the rest of his family the embarrassment. SMH. This will only get worse from here. This chick is already alleging that Jay Z and Beyoncé wanted to "raise" her son, which is only adding fuel to the rumors that Beyoncé was never actually pregnant. So if she's putting "hints" like that into the media, there is no telling what she will say next!? I feel most sorry for the innocent child who didn't ask to be in the middle of this drama. This little boy (Nixon) has two OLD, SCANDALOUS people for parents and not to mention he will be called "Beyoncé's Little Brother" way more than he will ever be called Nixon, his actual name, for the rest of his life. SMH... Just a hot mess! Matthew... clean up your MESS and use some protection OLD MAN!

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